Banking Courses from the Virtual Management Academy

The financial sector, and especially banks, supply our economy with money. Banks are, ostensibly, the fuel tank of a nation’s economic engine contributing to its growth and prosperity. In this capacity, banks take responsibility and risks that can influence the balance and thus the stability of the entire economic system. This is what makes the banking industry so fascinating!

Now you can experience how the banking business works and empathize with how a bank’s management team wrestles with its decisions by participating in the Banking Courses from the Virtual Management Academy:

  • Understand basic concepts and quickly build a product portfolio
  • Adjust critical levers and relationships within the private, commercial and industrial credit business
  • Learn how best to manage risk assessment through evaluation of the Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Statement
  • Control your business by monitoring relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Experience the influence of the Central Bank as it influences your bank through Basel III regulations

After completing a course from the Virtual Management Academy, you will understand how banking works, where the risks lie and what key indicators are relevant to monitor in the successful operations of a bank.

Our courses are open to all individuals. To register a group from a company or university, please contact us directly.

The banking courses in comparison:

LearnIntroduction into the banking simulation and basic understanding of the concepts and choices in private customer businessBasic principles of Basel III as well as strategic and operational Bank Management with portfolio management in the private and business customers segmentMerger & Acquisition and the impact on the private and business customer business with Basel III. Development of revenue sources from capital market transactionsBanking management for private and business customers in the direct performance competition with increasing Basel III regulationLearn more about the complexity of today’s banking business with this simulation. Make a choice between strong growth or cautious expansion strategy with lower risk.
RequirementNone – ideally commercial basic knowledge and interest in banking businessTrainee course and commercial basic knowledge as well as interest in banking businessTrainee course, Manager course and commercial basic knowledge as well as interest in banking businessPractical experience as a bank manager or completion of the Director course with certificateNone – ideally commercial basic knowledge and interest in banking business (we recommend the Banking | Course)
Course package

69,00 EUR*

369,00 EUR*

669,00 EUR*

1.369,00 EUR

198,00 EUR*

* Trainees and students receive a 50% discount on selected case studies and courses! More info

Here’s what the pros say:

‘ To live the banking business with a simulation is always the highlight and excitement for participants in my seminars. Perfect that this is now also available for online learning. ‘

Antonio Dirceu de Miranda – Direto & Fundador | Grupo Risk – Consultoria & Treinamento

‘ The Virtual Management Academy uses groundbreaking didactics: direct training only when the learners encounter their personal limits. Efficient, fun and comfortable! ‘
Bert Erlen | training, coaching, consulting

‘ Simulations offer learners a 360 degree view of the respective industry as well as specific situations. Through the realistic flow of simulating, learning becomes a real experience. ‘
Dan Topf – Performance Consultant | Facilitator, United States of America

, Simulations, as problem-based learning, are an ideal instrument to anchor learned strongly. Coupled with the emotional motivation of a competition, a learning situation arises which is hardly to be surpassed in effectiveness. ‘
Michael Johner | Owner MJohner Consulting and Training