Airport Management Business Game

Our airport simulation for airport management introduces you to the business processes of a regional airport company with a business value of $ 1.5 billion. The company has been operating for several years and has a secure and established market position. Your job as CEO of the company is to maximize the profitability of the airport operations, thereby increasing its market value.

  • Your main sources of income are in the areas of air traffic (landing fee income), ground handling (passenger transport) and retail concessions (booth sales areas).
  • You must keep an eye on the profitability of your activities at all times and make important tactical and strategic decisions, taking into account the strategic positioning of your competitors.

In the competition you compete in single-player mode against “The Hub”, a pre-programmed “virtual opponent”. He analyzes their decisions and adapts his own strategy to throw you out of the race. A tough competitor!

Simulation of Airport Management

Experience management up close and playful now. Every industry has its own laws. Management areas, business dimensions, key figures, market requirements and strategies differ greatly. In our simulations and self-study courses you can now experience and internalize these differences from your desk. By simulating your personal strategy, you build up specific knowledge and can further deepen and optimize this through repetitions.

As a pilot does flight lessons in a simulator, you can now independently enter any management cockpit and expand your experience and bring it to a new, practice-relevant level.

The course is available in English and German (you can switch the language in the simulation at any time).

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