Retail Banking Business Game

Learn more about the complexity of today’s banking business with this intriguing corporate simulation. Make a choice between strong growth or cautious expansion strategy with lower risk. Find the balance between deposit-taking and credit products, as well as developing high-quality banking services for your clients.

This simulation is an ideal continuing our comprehensive Banking | Course.

  • Free simulation part with decision support by Virtual Manager
  • 5 self-determined simulation runs
  • Comprehensive Glossary KPI benchmarking
  • Period of use 3 Months from order

Simulation of Retail Banking

Experience management up close and playful now. Every industry has its own laws. Management areas, business dimensions, key figures, market requirements and strategies differ greatly. In our simulations and self-study courses you can now experience and internalize these differences from your desk. By simulating your personal strategy, you build up specific knowledge and can further deepen and optimize this through repetitions.

As a pilot does flight lessons in a simulator, you can now independently enter any management cockpit and expand your experience and bring it to a new, practice-relevant level.

The course is available in English and German (you can switch the language in the simulation at any time).

Price: 198 €*

* Trainees and students receive a 50% discount on selected courses and case studies! More info

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