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Banking Course

Our banking management e-learning course has a modular structure and gradually instruct about various typical business situations for banks ranging from the classic lending business in the private customer sector, through sophisticated portfolio management, to complex capital market investments. After completing the banking course, you will understand how banking works, where the risks lie and what key indicators are relevant to monitor in the successful operations of a bank.

Banking Simulation

Learn more about the complexity of today’s banking business with this intriguing corporate simulation. Make a choice between strong growth or cautious expansion strategy with lower risk. Find the balance between deposit-taking and credit products, as well as developing high-quality banking services for your clients. More info.

This simulation is an ideal continuing our comprehensive Banking | Course.

Airport Simulation

Our airport simulation for airport management introduces you to the business processes of a regional airport company with a business value of $ 1.5 billion. The company has been operating for several years and has a secure and established market position. Your job as CEO of the company is to maximize the profitability of the airport operations, thereby increasing its market value. More info.

Car Dealer Simulation

The Car Dealer Simulation allows you to manage operations in new cars, used cars, repairs and parts. Challenges in staffing, marketing spend, maintaining department profitability, and more are included in this engaging experience. The Car Dealer Simulation – used by major car manufacturers around the world to train their dealer networks – provides a fascinating insight into the operations of a high-volume car dealer. More info.

Car Manufacturer Simulation

In the Car Manufacturer Simulation you take over the responsibility as a management Board of a virtual automotive group.

Your task: Establish a sustainable strategy for the company. Then, make decisions about the development of a new model series, the expansion of production capacities, the hiring of employees, and marketing decisions. Invest in new technologies and innovations to stay close to the customer as well as to the current market trends. More info.

Hotel Simulation

In Hotel Management Simulation, your job is to build a global hotel empire. Create a portfolio of hotels around the world, in different categories, from 5-star luxury hotels to budget homes in a central location. Prove yourself in a dynamic competition for market share and profitability. You take over, first as an investor, then as a manager, a dynamically growing hotel group, and compete with four intelligent, virtual competitors. You have to make decisions about where and in which hotel categories you want to invest and how you want to advertise and praise the products. More info.

Telecom Simulation

In Telco Operator Simulation, you take over the leadership of a mobile and broadband service provider and compete against other teams or “virtual” competitors in the highly competitive telecommunications market. Develop a business strategy and increase the profitability of your business. Maximize company value and create sustainable value for the company and its shareholders. Get to know key industry figures – such as ARPU, CPGA, churn rate and many more. More info.

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